Coconut Clusters- Just 2 Ingredients!

These coconut clusters are the ultimate keto dessert made with just 2 ingredients- coconut and chocolate! Made with NO sugar, they are easily customizable and ready in just FIVE minutes! During the festive season, I love making homemade candy and treats for my friends and family. Over the past few years, I’ve created a tradition […]

Keto Mashed Potatoes- NO cauliflower!

These keto mashed potatoes are perfectly fluffy and creamy, but made WITHOUT potatoes! No cauliflower needed, a secret ingredient mimics potatoes without the carbs! Like most people, there are times where I crave comfort food. Even since going keto, I’ve had a select few dishes I make whenever I’m craving something traditional carby, but minus […]

Keto Hot Chocolate (Just like Starbucks!)

This keto hot chocolate is the ultimate cozy and comforting hot beverage made with just 4 ingredients! A secret trick guarantees a thick and creamy beverage! We come from a family who LOVES all things hot chocolate. Whenever the grocery stores start bringing out new flavors or desserts that taste like a hot chocolate, we’ll […]