Can Comfort Food Really Boost Your Mood?

Whether it’s a warm piece of sourdough bread, grandma’s flavorful beef stew, or a fresh-out-of-the-oven pastry, some foods just give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. These so-called comfort foods fill our stomachs and our souls — even if they’re not always the healthiest choices. There’s no denying that comfort food makes us feel good. But is […]

Keto Menu Plan for Fourth of July

This post may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More than 60 amazing keto recipes for a healthy Fourth of July. Everything from appetizers to desserts to cocktails. It’s easy to stick to your keto diet with this helpful holiday menu plan. Holidays can be the […]

How to Make a Keto-Friendly Cheese Plate

Isn’t it exciting that even if you’re eating keto, you can still enjoy a keto-friendly cheese plate? While muggles may default to traditional honey and crackers as accompaniments, there’s a lot you can add in terms of flavor, texture, and umami that’s not just keto friendly – it’s delicious! The fundamental thing you need to […]

Ideas for Keto Drinks

So this week I’m stocked up on Herbal Water (love that stuff) and carbonated water. Another reason why last time’s induction into keto didn’t work was that I gave myself an ulcer by drinking too much carbonated water. Go figure. This time around I am going to try some new keto drinks, limit the carbonation,  […]