Keto Grilled Cheese- 5 Minute recipe!

This keto grilled cheese is a low carb alternative to the classic staple sandwich! Buttered keto bread filled with two kinds of cheese and pan grilled to perfection!  Keto Grilled Cheese Whenever I’m craving comfort food, my favorite keto recipes to make are mac and cheese, lasagna, and this 5 minute grilled cheese. Unless you […]

Keto Hummus (No chickpeas or legumes!)

This keto hummus is so smooth, thick, and creamy, you won’t believe it is low carb! Made with cauliflower, there are no chickpeas or legumes needed! 2 grams net carbs per serving.  Keto Hummus When it comes to keto appetizers, my favorite recipes to make are mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, and this cauliflower hummus.  If […]

How to Grill Salmon In 8 Easy Steps

There are plenty of opportunities to show off your grilling prowess with burgers, brats, and hotdogs, but we suggest branching out and learning how to grill salmon this year. There’s plenty to love about grilled salmon. Salmon is a meatier fish, which means it holds up well to the higher temperatures of the grill than […]

How to Make Your Own Veggie Burger at Home

Burgers every day of the week? Yes, please. If you want to enjoy a veggie burger every night of the week, Dana Ellis Hunnes Ph.D., MPH, R.D., author of the book Recipe For Survival, says go for it — as long as its “full of beans, fresh vegetables, and other healthy whole grains or leafy greens.” (Don’t worry, […]

How to Cook Okra in 6 Easy Steps

Summer’s in full swing, and that means stocking up on all the yummy produce the season has to offer. And that includes okra. Not yet a fan of okra? You will be soon. The trick is to learn how to choose the one that’s tender (not stringy or fibrous) — and how to cook okra […]

Ghee vs. Butter: Which Is Better?

Melt some butter and simmer it until the milk solids settle to the bottom, then separate the golden liquid from the solids on the bottom, and voila: You just made ghee. Also called clarified butter, “ghee has been used for thousands of years in India as part of Ayurvedic treatments and traditional cuisine as well […]