Keto Crinkle Cookies- Just 2 grams carbs!

These keto crinkle cookies are a low carb and sugar free take on the classic Christmas chocolate cookies! Simple ingredients and ready in under 15 minutes! 2 grams net carbs per cookie. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies When it comes to keto holiday cookies, my favorite cookies to make are shortbread cookies, gingerbread cookies, and these keto […]

The Perfect Keto New Year’s Eve Party

Imagine a New Year’s Eve Party where you can guiltlessly sip delicious cocktails or mocktails, eat every type of appetizer in sight, and enter the New Year feeling awesome and staying on a keto diet.  Believe it or not, this dream scenario is easily achieved! Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party or attending one as […]

The Best & Worst Keto-Friendly Nuts and Seeds

There’s a reason animals know to rely on nuts and seeds for sustenance. They’re veritable mini health bombs, literally loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats that support the health of every cell in your body. Want more specifics? Consider this: nutrients regularly abounding in nuts and seeds include monounsaturated fats (omega-9), polyunsaturated fats […]

Keto Blackberry and Zucchini Crumble

Zucchini in a dessert dish sounds very weird, I agree, but this keto crumble would actually be missing something without it. The zucchini mixed in with the top crumble part of this dish next to the blackberries, cinnamon, and almond flour make it actually taste like an apple or a pear, definitely not a zucchini. […]