Can you be Vegan Keto? Yes. Here is a delicious plant based keto BBQ

A Deliciously Nutritious Low Carb, Vegan Summer BBQ (that promotes anti-aging and weight loss).

Want to detox whilst truly enjoying your food? Here are my favourite low carb and plant-based ingredients to whip up a summer BBQ that has antioxidant, antiaging and anti-inflammatory benefits!

Can you be Vegan Keto? Yes, you can! Giving yourself a break from high carbohydrate foods allows the body to focus on regeneration, cellular cleansing and reduces inflammation—which is linked to chronic illness, joint pain and headaches. In this article, I recommend products from Planet Organic, and you can use code SARA15 for 15% off sitewide.

Why Low Carb? Low carb foods tend to be lower in common allergens and inflammatory ingredients (such as sugar, dairy and gluten). They tend to be more nutrient dense than higher carbohydrate foods and fill you up for longer with their higher protein and higher fat content.

Why Plant Based? Plants contain many of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that we need for vibrant health. Furthermore, a lower carbohydrate plant focused diet can be more sustainable for the environment.

Incorporating plant-based diet days gives your body a chance to detox from processing meat, dairy, sugar and other toxins. Furthermore, eating fewer carbohydrates and lower protein will reduce your insulin production and deactivate mTOR which has incredible benefits for longevity and alleviating chronic illnesses.

Insulin is the growth hormone that allows us to grow and store fat. Sugar and carbohydrates spike our insulin levels which allows us to store fat more easily. Without carbohydrates our body release less insulin and therefore it is easier to lose weight. If you want to learn more about this, I recommend Gary Taubes’ books.

 mTOR is associated with growth, muscle gain but also aging. It is an anabolic (building up) protein. Excessive mTOR activation speeds up the aging process. mTOR is activated by eating animal sourced protein. Thus, a low carb, plant-based day allows your body to recover, decrease inflammation and can even slow down aging.

Here are some great products for a low carb, plant-based BBQ from Planet Organic, use code SARA15 for 15% off sitewide.

As a Health Anthropologist, I believe that we should eat as closely to our ancestors as possible and eat seasonally, too. This is more sustainable for the environment and our bodies will be able to absorb nutrients better and thus we will be healthier.

During the summer, fresh plants, fruits and vegetables are in season and we should make the most of indulging in local produce. Planet Organic curate a delicious seasonal fresh fruit and veg box. Even better, if you have a local farm shop or farmers market you can find locally grown fruits and vegetables.


Paleo and low carb burger buns and bagels. They are densely nutritious, made with almond flour, flax and psyllium husk with absolutely no artificial ingredients or inflammatory vegetable oils. They really create the fluffiest bread to toast on the BBQ and serve with your perfect burger bun and dairy free mayonnaise. For me, they are literally the BEST paleo keto alternative to bread. CRU8 may seem pricey but a far more filling and nutrient dense than than regular bread.  FYI regular bread is essentially sugar, as that is what carbohydrates are processed into by our bodies.

Tiba Tempeh Smoky BBQ Burgers: Planet Organic, use code SARA15 for 15% off sitewide.

Now that you have got the burger buns sorted, throw some Tiba Tempeh BBQ Burgers on the grill. Tiba Tempeh use fermented soya beans—this degrades the gluten in soya which makes them far healthier than just having unfermented soya, such as tofu. These BBQ Burgers have a delicious meaty texture and flavour.

Can you be Vegan Keto? Get a Slice of Plant Based Cheese On that Burger! 

Dairy can be highly inflammatory; however, many dairy free ‘cheese’ options contain other inflammatory ingredients and artificial additives that you are better off not consuming. Violife keep it clean with their coconut oil based Epic Mature Cheddar. Slice the cheddar block up and allow them to melt over the BBQ Tempeh Burgers—delicious!

Who could have a BBQ without ketchup and mayonnaise? can you be vegan keto

Mainstream ketchup is exceptionally high in sugar and the leading mayonnaise is high in vegetable oils—degraded fats—which are highly inflammatory for our bodies. Thankfully, Hunter and Gather Foods create the most incredible mayonnaise, ketchups, BBQ sauces and salad dressings which are paleo, keto, sugar free and vegetable oil free.

Serve with a Powerful Anti-Oxidant Side Salad

Here is an anti-aging bowl of rocket leaves, broccoli sprouts and tomato salad, dressed with Basil pesto.  Broccoli sprouts and cruciferous vegetables are high in sulforaphane which neutralizes toxins; Rocket is high in vitamins B, C and K, essential for your immune system; and basil for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Enjoy with a Flute of Healthy Bubbles!

Finally, while your guests are waiting, serve up some CRU8 Chips to be enjoyed with the sparkling celebratory HOLOS Oolong Kombucha…Healthy eating has never looked—and tasted—this lush!

This article was orginally written for Planet Organic and I selected keto friendly, inflammatory free products from their Plant Based Summer Range to share with you. You can get 15% off all Planet Organic Products by using the code SARA15. 

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