Category: Nutrition

Category: Nutrition

Do Spices Go Bad? And When?

No matter how seasoned a cook you are, you know that the right herbs and spices will enhance flavor. But have you checked the expiration dates on your spice jars lately? Seasonings may look like they’ll last forever, but do spices go bad? Do Herbs & Spices Really Expire or Go Bad? Not really. According […]

Mushroom Nutrition & Health Benefits

Mushrooms hold a special place in global cuisines, but they’ve also carved out a niche as a low-calorie meat replacement for vegetarians and vegans. While they are great substitutes for the taste and texture of meat, that’s far from their only appeal. Different varieties of mushrooms lend your meals different tastes and textures, and they’re […]

6 Ways to Cook Brussels Sprouts

If you’re looking for an easy and healthy vegetable side dish, Brussels sprouts have you covered. These cruciferous veggies — which come from the same family as kale, broccoli, and cabbage — provide nutrients like vitamin C, folate, and fiber. But unless you know how to cook Brussels sprouts the right way, they can turn out mushy, bitter, […]

How to Make Pickles at Home

There’s nothing like the crisp crunch and tart zing of pickles. But have you ever had a homemade pickle? If you don’t know how to make pickles, you’re in luck. Learning how to make pickles is easy and pickling is a great way to get a powerful punch of flavor out of veggies. Since pickling […]

What You Need to Know About “Empty Calories”

If you strive to eat healthy, you may be familiar with avoiding foods that contain “empty calories.” Nutrition experts often use the term “empty calories” to explain why certain foods are better than others at helping you lose or maintain weight. But is this concept a bit outdated? In theory, all foods can still fuel the […]

How to Make a Protein Bowl in 5 Steps

A protein bowl is a balanced meal piled into one colorful bowl. It looks so intentionally Instagram-worthy that no one would know you’re probably noshing on leftovers. Protein bowls (also called protein power bowls) contain protein, grains, and vegetables. They’re so easy to make — just throw everything in a bowl and mix it up! […]

What Is Sustainability? Find Out What It Means

What is “sustainability”? Essentially, it’s a producer and consumer’s version of a physician’s Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm — in this case, to the environment. Way more than a buzzword, it’s an ethos you can actively apply to your everyday life via: the groceries you buy the restaurants you patronize the businesses you support […]