Category: Nutrition

Category: Nutrition

What Is Ghee & What You Should Know About It

Butter can amp up the flavor in a recipe, but it’s definitely a “use in moderation” food. But ghee, a variation of clarified butter, has been showing up more and more in healthy recipes and on the shelves of health food stores. Ghee is a longtime staple in Indian cooking, but is it healthier than butter? […]

What Is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea?

The next time you’re aiming to cool off, try an icy glass of purple-blue butterfly pea flower tea. If you’re not familiar with this IG-ready type of tea, you’re about to be educated — get your tastebuds and camera phone ready! What Is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea? Blue pea flower tea is a mesmerizingly beautiful drink […]

How to Cook Eggs: 5 Fun, Delicious Ways

If you’d like to learn how to cook eggs, or want to learn some different techniques, let’s get crackin’! We’re here to share easy tips to help culinary beginners take each egg dish to the next level. Quick-cooking eggs are the perfect protein source to start your day in a sunny way. Everyone has an opinion on […]

How to Make Overnight Oats in 5 Simple Steps

Learning how to make overnight oats helps you create an easy, delicious breakfast with lots of versatility. As Holly McKee-Clark, culinary specialist for Beachbody, puts it, “Oats are a low-maintenance canvas — just tack on your favorite flavors both sweet and savory.” We’ll show you how to make overnight oats in five simple steps. And […]

6 Days of Shakeology Recipes

Whether you’re just getting started with Shakeology or have been a long-time drinker, keeping your nutrition on point comes down to easy habits that also keep your tastebuds happy. That’s why we’ve pulled together six of our most delicious Shakeology recipes that are inspired by our favorite childhood treats, like s’mores, cinnamon toast, and peanut […]

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

We’ve seen a lot of lockdown trends come and go in the last year: sourdough starters, whipped coffee, and Tiger King, to name a few. Thankfully, more health-focused trends, like how to start a vegetable garden, are sticking around. According to one survey, 26% of Americans flexed their green thumb in response to the pandemic. And interest isn’t […]

4 Reasons to Love Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts may have gotten a bad rap when you were a kid, but don’t let those memories fool you. These little green vegetables are delicious! And Brussels sprouts nutrition is no joke; despite their small size, they pack a punch. Named for the capital of Belgium (where they were first widely cultivated back in the 16th century), […]

Do Spices Go Bad? And When?

No matter how seasoned a cook you are, you know that the right herbs and spices will enhance flavor. But have you checked the expiration dates on your spice jars lately? Seasonings may look like they’ll last forever, but do spices go bad? Do Herbs & Spices Really Expire or Go Bad? Not really. According […]