Ideas for Keto Drinks

So this week I’m stocked up on Herbal Water (love that stuff) and carbonated water. Another reason why last time’s induction into keto didn’t work was that I gave myself an ulcer by drinking too much carbonated water. Go figure. This time around I am going to try some new keto drinks, limit the carbonation,  and stop consuming water out of so much plastic. The tap water and the Brita can’t be that bad, can it?

Have any more suggestions for keto drinks? I welcome new ideas to add to my list, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

Ayala’s Herbal Water (I love the ginger lemon one – and yes it really is that expensive even in stores)

– Carbonated flavored waters (naturally flavored, no fake flavors or sugars) – Polar makes good ones.

– Whiskey/Bourbon/Scotch… I mean technically no alcohol is keto-friendly, but whiskey IS carb free if you’re out on the town.

– Sassy Water (infuse water with ginger, lemon, mint leaves, and cucumber). You can also premake ice cubes like these to flavor your water:

At a conference, I attended I discovered that they had lime and strawberry infused water which was ahhh-mazing. I decided to recreate it and it’s only 1 net carb per serving for guilt-free hydration.

strawberry lime water

What are your favorite keto drinks? Share them with our readers in the comments.

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