Low Carb Snacks On The Go

What can I snack on when dieting? Here’s a list of the perfect low carb snacks you can have while on a Ketogenic diet. Best of all? No cooking required. These no-cook keto snacks will cure those cravings.

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When you’re out and about or in between meals and get hungry, impulsive good snacks can be difficult to come by. For me, that’s when non-keto, unhealthy choices can start calling my name. In order to avoid making poor choices, I always keep some good keto snacks close by to ward off hunger until it’s time for a proper keto meal.

What Snacks Can I Eat On Keto?

  • Nuts.
  • Berries.
  • Veggies.
  • Dark Chocolate.
  • Beef Jerky.

And that’s just to name a few.

For me, what makes a good snack is that must be easy and quick to grab or prepare, and it has to require very little to no prep since I do plenty of cooking for meals and of course follow the keto guidelines of no sugar, low or no-carb with plenty of good fat.

What Store Bought Snacks Are Keto Friendly?

In the article below I’ve listed some ideas of low or no carb foods you can snack on a keto diet based on where you can find them in the grocery store. 

You can bring this list along when you go shopping so you always have snacks on hand for keto snacks on the go, late-night keto snacks, or a keto friendly snacks for the movies.

In fact, I’ve made this easy by letting you download a Free printable here.

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Click here to download this Free Printable Chart

What Snacks Have No Carbs?

When people say “no carb snacks” they generally mean any snack that has less than 1 net carb per serving. This leaves a lot of great no cook no carb foods to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Cheese
  • Sugar free beef jerky
  • Celery with cream cheese
  • Cucumbers
  • Radishes

Can You Eat Popcorn On A Keto Diet?

Is popcorn keto? In short, no. Popcorn is generally high in carbohydrates. Some varieties of popcorn are lower in carbs, but most will be nearly impossible to fit into your daily macros.

If you really have a craving for popcorn, you might try making only a very small portion of it, and seeing if that doesn’t satisfy you.

A little trick that helps me sometimes, is to add low carb nuts to the popcorn. Not only does that increase the size of my keto snack, but the fat in the nuts also makes me feel full faster.

Low Carb Snacks at the Deli:

Rolls of deli meat wrapped around soft cheese and tied together with green onions on a white platter.
  1. Deli Meat and Cheese Rollup
    • One of the quickest and easiest keto snack recipes. Just make sure that you are buying quality deli meats that don’t include fillers (Boar’s Head is a great choice) and stay away from honey or maple flavors that add sugar and carbs to the meat.
    • You can make these as elaborate as you want by adding cream cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, cucumbers etc. between the meat and cheese. But when I’m on the go I keep it simple and just wrap a slice of roast beef or salami around a slice of cheese or cheese stick.
  2. Cheese
    • I chop it into cubes as soon as I get home from the grocery store so it’s portable if I need a quick snack to take with me. If you want your cheese to crunch, Moon Cheese is a great movie snack. This is a great low carb snack with no sugar and just 1g carb.
  3. Olives
    • Olives really help with the cravings for salty keto snack ideas and make me feel full. I recommend pitted olives so you can eat them without worrying about figuring out where to put the pits.
    • You can also find individual serving packages in the canned aisle with the regular jars and cans of olives.
  4. Pickles
    • Never in my life have I eaten as many pickles as since I started keto. They’re truly the best snacks. Salty, crunchy, tangy, and low carb. Love them. Don’t be afraid to try pickled veggies like pickled okra, pickled mushrooms, or pickled onions. 
Image of green and black olives in a white bowl. A single olive in oil is held over the bowl in a wooden spoon.

No-Cook Keto Snacks in the middle Grocery Aisles:

  1. Salted nuts.
    • Not all nuts are created equally for keto diet snacks. The best nuts for keto are macadamias, hazelnuts and pecans because of their protein and low carb ratio. These are great salty crunchy low carb snacks for the movies because they’re easy to hide in your bag. ?
  2. Beef Jerky.
    • Try to get the grass-fed beef sticks and check the nutrition label for the best low carb snacks. Some of the most popular jerky is marinated with a sugar-based marinade.
  3. Pork rinds.
    • Pork rinds are a great salty-crunchy keto-friendly snack option and now come in a variety of flavors. These can be eaten alone or dipped in guacamole for an even tastier treat. Pork Clouds are my absolute favorite brand and they come in a variety of flavors.
  4. Dark Chocolate.
    • Yes, you can! Everyone once in a while if you have a sweet tooth it’s ok to indulge in dark chocolate as long as it meets the following criteria:
      • The chocolate should have a minimum of 70% cacao
      • Each bar should have minimal ingredients
      • All bars should be free of artificial sweeteners
    • I think the best chocolate bar for a keto sweet tooth is Lily’s. They sell sugar-free (sweetened with Stevia) baking chips and chocolate bars for low carb snacks on the go

Low Carb Snacks in the Dairy Section:

  1. Hard-boiled Eggs.
    • Hard-boiled eggs are high protein low carb snacks – they are nutritious, portable, and don’t make a mess. I like to pre-peel mine and put a couple in a small container, sprinkled with a little paprika and salt.
  2. String Cheese.
    1. Look for the full-fat versions to keep on hand.
  3. Cheese crisps.
    1. Use your favorite cheese (I like parmesan) and easy cheese crisps. Or buy these cheese crisps online.

No Cook Low Carb Snacks in the Produce Section

An over head image of a  vibrant vegetable tray with a glass bowl of dip in the center.
  1. Avocados.
    • One of the best keto fats around and easy to simply cut open and eat right out of the shell or perhaps sprinkle some hot sauce on it. If you have some time, you can make guacamole. This is one of my favorite snacks and I often eat it with just a spoon.
    • Wholly guacamole even sells individual serving sizes. These are great because they don’t go bad once you open them and they’re portion-controlled. Low carb snacks to buy are easy to come by.
  2. Veggie Sticks.
    • Chop up carrots and celery for a delicious and healthy quick snack. Keep them in the fridge until you are ready to leave or dip in guacamole or a keto dressing if you’re staying home.
  3. Berries
    • If you would like to get a low carb fruit fix you can have raspberries, strawberries or blackberries in small amounts.
    • Sometimes I freeze them to have a frozen treat and slow down my snacking. 100 grams (about 3 handfuls) have 5-6g of carbs.
    • Avoid blueberries as they have about twice the amount of carbs as the other berries.

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What are Keto Fat Bombs?

Last but not least with just a little prep work you can make fat bombs. Fat bombs are a great way to stay in ketosis because they are so high in fat and low in protein that they will help you burn more fat for fuel.

You can make many of the fat bombs in my Keto Fat Bombs, Sweets and Treats book in bulk and keep them in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to eat them.

New to Keto? Read this post on What to Eat On Keto To Get Started if you’re brand new to Keto and need to know the basics. It will help you understand Keto and the basics of the diet.

It takes so little effort now to plan ahead and have low carb snacks on hand so you don’t make hunger-based bad decisions. And with the snacks I’ve mentioned, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything!

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