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If you’ve ever wanted to create your own recipe video worthy of posting on social media, now is your perfect opportunity.

Get ready to get creative in our first-ever Shakeology Recipe Contest!

The contest will be held on the Shakeology Instagram page from April 15, 2021, through May 17, 2021.

Your recipe can feature any Shakeology flavor and can be as imaginative as you are!

Simply create a video that shows how to make your recipe and enter the contest by posting as a REELS or IGTV video with the hashtag #myshakeology.

The winner with the highest score will be featured in a new Shakeology Recipe Book that’s in the works!

And if you’ve ever wondered how those fun and engaging recipe videos are done, we’ve pulled together our top tips and tricks to help you get started:

Shakeology smoothie ingredients

Video Style

  • Overhead or “top-down” recipe videos work great because you can see all the ingredients clearly.
  • Use a tripod to set your phone up to capture the content without wobbling.
  • Create a video with no voiceover by putting ingredient names/amounts and instructions in text.
  • Add great music for a fun vibe that makes people excited to watch.
  • Keep video length under 1 minute for maximum appeal.


  • Use a space with even, natural lighting.
  • If your kitchen doesn’t have good lighting, don’t be afraid to use another space! An overhead-style shot won’t reveal you aren’t in your kitchen.
  • Supplement natural light by using a lamp with parchment paper over the bulb to create a soft, even light. Try a desk-style lamp that can bend over your countertop or surface.
  • Cloudy or overcast days are best for eliminating shadows to capture your best shot.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use time-lapse for anything that might be slow to watch in real-time, like cutting fruit or a repeated step like rolling energy balls.
  • Try cutting out segments of the video to show things that appear and to make the video shorter.
  • Amp up the appetite appeal by adding a close-up shot at the end, or a side angle shake pour shot to showcase the recipe being poured into the glass.
  • Show your Shakeology bag or packet in the shot, especially at the end!

Click here for the Contest Rules.

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