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Tag: Almond

Almond Butter Brownies- NO flour!

These almond butter brownies are so fudgy and gooey, you won’t believe they are flourless! No dairy and no refined sugar needed, they take minutes to make!  Almond Butter Brownies Whenever I’m in the mood for brownies, my favorite recipes to make are almond flour brownies, coconut flour brownies, and these almond butter brownies.  I […]

Almond Milk Nutrition: Facts & Benefits

Almond milk is a top-selling milk alternative due to the rising popularity of plant-based diets. Let’s go over almond milk nutrition and the potential benefits (plus drawbacks) of adding almond milk to your diet. What Is Almond Milk? To make almond milk, grounded almonds are soaked in water then filtered to remove the fibrous parts. The result is […]

Strawberry Almond Milk- Just 3 ingredients!

This strawberry almond milk is a homemade and sugar free take on the classic strawberry flavored milk! 3 main ingredients and perfect enjoyed both warm and chilled!  Strawberry almond milk When it comes to cool and refreshing drinks, my favorite recipes to make are an avocado smoothie, strawberry smoothie, and this strawberry almond milk.  Growing […]

Blanched Almond Flour- Homemade recipe!

Learn how to make almond flour and stop buying expensive packaged grocery store varieties! All you need is one ingredient and a sturdy food processor!   Blanched Almond Flour  I love making my own pantry staples from scratch, including condensed milk, sugar free chocolate chips, and blanched almond flour.  Ever since I started following a keto […]