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Tag: Benefits

Blueberry Nutrition: Facts & Benefits

Blueberries may be tiny, but they pack quite the nutritional punch. Juicy, sweet, and tart, blueberries are a good source of fiber and packed with flavor. Fresh or frozen, they’re super easy to add to your daily routine. Read on to find out why these small but mighty berries are included on lists like the best good mood […]

5 Bone Broth Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Bone broth has been bubbling to the top of the trendy food list because of its compelling health claims. This popular brew has plenty of fans, including Paleo diehards, nutritionists, celebrities, and some sports stars. But do bone broth benefits live up to the hype? Bone broth is a liquid made by simmering bones with water, vegetables, […]

7 Types of Tea & Their Benefits

Tea is one of the most versatile — and widely consumed — beverages worldwide. You can cozy up with a hot cup of tea in winter or cool off with iced tea in summer. Many drinks we think of as different types of teas come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.  Among tea purists, these are “true teas.” […]

Greek Yogurt Nutrition: 5 Healthy Benefits

What’s the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? Plain Greek yogurt is made by straining regular yogurt to remove the liquid whey, lactose, sugars, salt, and water. The result is a creamier, thicker yogurt with slightly more calories than non-Greek yogurt, but twice the protein. Here’s a quick comparison of regular and Greek yogurt nutrition information: […]

8 Types of Onions & Their Benefits

The humble onion is an incredibly versatile vegetable — you can eat it in endless ways: raw, caramelized, grilled, sautéed, fried, and more. Adding onions to a recipe can boost the flavor and texture. But which types of onions are the best for cooking? Which onions are best to eat raw? We’ll cover the nutrition […]

5 Benefits of Nutrition Coaching with a Registered Dietitian

Nutrition coaching with a registered dietitian gives you the individualized guidance, support, and expertise you need to reach your after health and wellness goals. Are you struggling to maintain a well-nourished weight for you? Do you find yourself constantly battling over your food choices? Do you have a health condition that requires a modified diet? […]

7 Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

You’ve been hearing the advice to “eat more fruits and vegetables” for as long as you can remember — and for good reason. Produce is a key part of a balanced diet — in fact, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, fruits and vegetables should fill up half your plate. But there are even more […]