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Tag: Food

Why Steam Food & Tips for Doing it Right

Why steam food? Because steaming is a fast, easy, and clean way to cook. It’s also a moist cooking method, ideal for cooking delicate items like seafood and vegetables. Similar to an air fryer, which uses the magic of hot air to crisp up food with little or no oil (yay, healthier fries!), steaming uses the vapors […]

How to Avoid a Food Binge During the Holidays

Nothing kills the holiday spirit like guilt and shame. This season, when things are anything but normal, focus on the positive and forming new habits. Let go of those negative feelings and regain control of your eating habits, with tips for not binging on food during the holidays. (And find out how to move on […]

What Is GMO Food and Is It OK to Eat?

What do Hawaiian papaya, zucchini, and yellow squash have in common? Besides being nutritious and delicious, these fruits are examples of foods that may sometimes be genetically modified. While you’ve likely heard a lot of debate about GMO foods in recent years, it’s not always clear what the heck that means — and whether it’s […]

17 Fall Groceries for Your Food Shopping List

Cool fall days can inspire you to get back into the kitchen making yummy meals filled with comforting flavors. Whether you’re heading to the supermarket, a farmers’ market, or ordering your groceries online, a bounty of fall fruits and veggies make this season absolutely delicious — and nutritious. Fill your basket with the grocery items you don’t want […]