Tag: Holidays

Tag: Holidays

How to Avoid a Food Binge During the Holidays

Nothing kills the holiday spirit like guilt and shame. This season, when things are anything but normal, focus on the positive and forming new habits. Let go of those negative feelings and regain control of your eating habits, with tips for not binging on food during the holidays. (And find out how to move on […]

How to Stay Healthy and Active During the Holidays

The holidays are traditionally a time of indulgence — endless get-togethers with friends and family, packed schedules, and plenty of holiday cookies and cocktails to savor. This year’s holiday season may look a little different, but even with a scaled-down holiday season schedule, it’s still easy to overdo it (and to let self-care slip through […]

10 Tips to Enjoy Low-Sugar Holidays

  Q: I have prediabetes and have mostly avoided sugar in my diet this year. But during the holidays, I know I will likely want to splurge on an occasional seasonal dessert that I can’t get any other time of year. Do you have any advice on how to enjoy a taste of holiday treats […]