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Tag: Options

Keto Mojito- 6 Flavor options!

This keto mojito is a combination of lime juice, rum, and fresh mint, to create a fabulous cocktail! No sugar and no syrup needed, it’s easily customizable and seriously refreshing! 1 gram net carb per serving.  Keto Mojito When it comes to keto cocktails, my favorite recipes to make are an espresso martini, margarita, and […]

Keto Margarita- 6 flavor options!

This keto margarita is a low carb and sugar free take on the classic Mexican inspired cocktail! Made without sugar or sugar syrup, these taste incredible and are easily customizable! Keto Margarita When it comes to keto drinks, my favorite recipes to make are eggnog, chocolate milkshake, and this keto margarita.  During the warmer months, […]

Keto Chaffles- 6 Flavor options!

These keto chaffles are a low carb waffle alternative made with just 3 ingredients! Perfect with sweet or savory mix-ins, they make a wholesome and easy breakfast! 3 grams net carbs per serving.  Keto Chaffles When it comes to cozy keto breakfasts, my favorite recipes to make are waffles, cream cheese pancakes, and these keto […]

90 Second Keto Bread- 3 Baking options!

This 90 second keto bread is a quick and easy breakfast or snack that happens to be low carb! Perfect to add your favorite toppings to, it toasts beautifully and is easily customizable! 3 grams net carbs per serving.  90 Second Keto Bread When it comes to keto bread recipes, my favorites to make are […]