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Pumpkin Dessert Recipes (50+ Tried and Tested!)

These pumpkin desserts include the BEST easy recipes out there. From pumpkin pie to pumpkin bread, there are tons of uses for canned pumpkin, and includes an easy recipe too! Pumpkin Desserts Brownies, cookies, cakes, muffins, and pies are all desserts that can include pumpkin puree in the ingredients. Come Fall (or around Thanksgiving), you’ll […]

33 Easy Keto Zucchini Recipes

Easy to make Keto Zucchini Recipes perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recipes for zoodles, keto friendly side dishes and snacks and low carb desserts… Zucchini is a versatile gluten free, nutrient packed keto friendly vegetable. Not only is it ideal as a low carb pasta replacement, but it is also perfect as a side […]

7 Mango Recipes You’ll Absolutely Love

Nothing screams “summer” like delicious mango recipes! The fruit packs a bright, rich flavor, and the color of its flesh even looks like the sun. But if you’re only enjoying this fruit on its own, you’re missing out on all the mango has to offer. “Mango is a sweet fruit, but surprisingly versatile,” says Lindsey Janeiro, […]

The Best and Easy Keto Lunch Recipes

Are you health conscious? Do you fear high blood pressure and other diseases? Are you struggling with weight loss? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I am here to help you. About 37 percent of the total population suffers from obesity and around 7 percent is extremely obese.  In the […]

Keto BBQ (100+ Delicious, Low-Carb Recipes for A Keto-Friendly Barbecue)

Barbecuing doesn’t seem like it would need much instruction while on a keto diet. After all, if you oil up the grill and throw some meat, fish, or low-carb veggies on the barbie, you’ve got yourself some keto-friendly barbecue. But the minute you start thinking about brines, rubs, marinades, sauces, glazes, and condiments, you quickly […]

6 Days of Shakeology Recipes

Whether you’re just getting started with Shakeology or have been a long-time drinker, keeping your nutrition on point comes down to easy habits that also keep your tastebuds happy. That’s why we’ve pulled together six of our most delicious Shakeology recipes that are inspired by our favorite childhood treats, like s’mores, cinnamon toast, and peanut […]