Tag: Tea

Tag: Tea

What Is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea?

The next time you’re aiming to cool off, try an icy glass of purple-blue butterfly pea flower tea. If you’re not familiar with this IG-ready type of tea, you’re about to be educated — get your tastebuds and camera phone ready! What Is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea? Blue pea flower tea is a mesmerizingly beautiful drink […]

7 Types of Tea & Their Benefits

Tea is one of the most versatile — and widely consumed — beverages worldwide. You can cozy up with a hot cup of tea in winter or cool off with iced tea in summer. Many drinks we think of as different types of teas come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.  Among tea purists, these are “true teas.” […]

7 Reasons to Drink Hot Tea

If you’re stuck in the house because of a polar vortex, a soothing mug of hot tea is just the thing. (Fun fact: January is National Hot Tea Month!) Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world — behind water — and some 80% of U.S. households purchase tea, according to the Tea Association […]

Do Coffee and Tea Count as Water?

It’s an age-old question — so we consulted the experts and research. “Our bodies are made up of to 60% water,” explains Tamsin Jordan, M.S., R.D. Along with aiding digestion, flushing out impurities, and keeping our joints lubricated, the water in our bodies literally helps us think (the brain uses water to make hormones and neurotransmitters). […]