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Tag: Water

Is Seltzer Water Bad For You?

Seltzer water is officially everywhere: It’s all over your social media feeds and on every store shelf in endless flavors. (Like your fizzy water with a kick? There’s a hard seltzer for that!) But is seltzer water bad for you? Let’s learn more about seltzer water and its potential effects on your body. What Is […]

Do Coffee and Tea Count as Water?

It’s an age-old question — so we consulted the experts and research. “Our bodies are made up of to 60% water,” explains Tamsin Jordan, M.S., R.D. Along with aiding digestion, flushing out impurities, and keeping our joints lubricated, the water in our bodies literally helps us think (the brain uses water to make hormones and neurotransmitters). […]

8 Types of Water & How They’re Different

Water is crucial to life, so why did it get so complicated? Sparking. Still. Alkaline. Purified. Filtered. Distilled. Tap. What’s the difference? Is one water better than another? The store shelves are lined with different types of bottled water — and that doesn’t include the kinds you can get or create at home, like carbonated water […]