The Best Keto Snack Cakes: a Nush Foods review

Thank you to my friends at Nush Foods for sponsoring this post. All opinions and reviews are my own. 

Who remembers the little packages of mini muffins from childhood (or last year, no judgment)? The blueberry ones were my favorite! 

They were also full of preservatives, sugar, bad oils, and just junk! I bet if you tried one now it would taste nothing like food and everything like chemicals. Blah!

That is the blessing of eating a clean, sugar free diet! You get to actually taste your food and not the chemicals these manufacturers mask as food!

I’ll be honest though, those little mini muffin packs were handy.

all-inclusive keto snack cakes

I love eating low carb, sugar free, and gluten free but it does present a first world set of challenges in the way of packaged snacks that I can throw into the diaper bag or pool bag.

Making all the keto snacks is time consuming. Many recipes need to be refrigerated because they’re perishable. And sometimes there is just some satisfaction in opening a snack package that you know tastes good that you didn’t have to make!

That is why I am sooo thankful for companies like Nush Foods! They’re basically our hookup for keto snack cakes!

They make these scrumptious prepackaged keto snack cakes that are sugar free, certified gluten free, organic, and 100% delicious! 

In fact, the founder of Nush, Muffy, started her company because she also wanted a tasty prepackaged treat that was clean and nourishing. I love go-getter women like her!

Nush cakes are also dairy free, vegetarian friendly, and kosher too! No matter what variation of keto you do, Nush cakes are perfect for all.

Best of all, Nush cakes are less than 4g net carbs per cake! You’re not sacrificing flavor for low carbs with these keto snack cakes.


If you're looking for pre-packaged keto snack cakes that are low in carbs and big on flavor, then Nush Foods cakes are for you! See why I love this brand and their mission in my review of Nush Foods.


have Nush, will travel

I also love Nush cakes when I’m traveling too. Gas stations have slim pickings when it comes to keto snacks and airport food is ridiculously overpriced! 

Thankfully, the Nush cakes are small enough for your carry-ons and require zero refrigeration. 

Pro-tip: if you’re in the airport, grab a coffee before you board your flight and ask for some whipped cream on the side. Nush cakes are heavenly with a little fresh whipped cream!

My kids and I recently took a road trip to visit my parents in Atlanta and we packed a whole box of cakes for our trip! Our favorite flavors are the Banana Nut and Blueberry!

I love visiting my Mom but her house is always full of tempting carbage. But when I am prepared, like I was with my keto snack cakes, I didn’t feel like I was missing out!

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shop small

If you’re looking for keto snack cakes to pack in your kids’ lunch boxes, pool bags, work bags, or carry-ons, I can’t recommend Nush Foods’ cakes enough! 

As a female small business owner myself, I love supporting companies that are female owned and US based. I also love seeing these businesses thrive! 

The more we support the small businesses that bring us amazing products for our ketogenic lifestyle, the easier (and more affordable) living our ketogenic lifestyle becomes! 

If you're looking for pre-packaged keto snack cakes that are low in carbs and big on flavor, then Nush Foods cakes are for you!


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